About us

The Youth Invest Story

Youth Invest was set up to fill a void seen by educators, human resource professionals and leaders of enterprises.

On one side students are seeking globally usable knowledge and abilities including language and soft skills. While some students acquire academic knowledge they are also unable to identify their careers early and match the demands and attitude of modern enterprises.

Meanwhile enterprises are seeking a young knowledgeable workforce, but many of the available talent do not meet their requirement. This mis-match can generate unemployment. With the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement bringing greater openness and competition, Vietnam has to develop and hones its human capital meet the upcoming challenge.

Educators, leaders of enterprises and Human Resources experts wished to form an organization which would serve as a bridge between the supply and demand, and between training and utilizing the workforce.

YouthInvest is also a platform where experts have a chance to share their experience and nurture, invest and develop a young workforce equipped with intimate knowledge, practical working skills and especially a right attitude in order to become potential young leaders who will take Vietnam forward.

With its dedication, the Youth Invest, featuring a panel of local and global educational experts, leaders of enterprises, Chief Financial Officers, Human Resources experts from Vietnam  have cooperated in launching pioneering and projects in Vietnam through investing on kids, teen-agers and college students.

Also providing consulting for educational institutions to develop their students through career orientation and development programs.

YouthInvest Mission

To nurture young Vietnamese people to make the most of their education and training opportunities by engaging with business as partners in education.

YouthInvest Vision

Develop a highly skilled local workforce equipped for the global economy growth

Advisory Board


 1 Gary Stremel has developed a rich experience in Corporate Management where he was Vice President – Wealth Management at CitiGroup, US, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of St John Hospital, Houston Texas, USA and CEO of St Mary’ Health Center, Jefferson City, Missouri, USA.

In Vietnam, Gary worked as Dean Faculty of Business Administration at Saigon Tech- an official affiliate of Houston Community College, USA. He currently works as Business Consultant for Healthcare projects in Vietnam and join Youth Invest as Head of Strategic Management – Consulting team in the United State.



 2 Asantha Sirmanne has 20-years’ experience in journalism and specializing in economic and financial news writing and analysis.


He has worked in print, television and online news delivery. He currently works as editor of EconomyNext.com, and also writes for Bloomberg Newswires.




 3 Mr NGUYỄN NGỌC BÁCH is a founding shareholder of AsiaInvest Group. He is a gifted expert with over 20 years working in corporate governance and finance, of which, over 11 years as Chief Financial Officer for Multinational Corporations and Telecommunication Firms such as TNT, Hutchison Telecom, HT Mobile.

He was Director of Alliance of International Corporate Advisors (AICA) 2012 – 2013; Area President for Asia of International Association of Financial Executives Institutes (IAFEI) 2012 – 2013, Deputy Secretary General of Vietnam Association of Corporate Directors (VACD); Founder & Chairman of Vietnam CFO Club (VCFO), Vice Chairman of Hanoi Real Estate Association (HNREA).


  4 VŨ XUÂN TƯỜNG has been working in the areas of Recruitment, Training and Consulting  since  1993. For more than 20 years of working in both local and international enterprises,  he has gained much experience  in Staff Training & Development,  Project Management  and now he is devoted his retirement time to the development of Youth Invest in Vietnam.

With 20 years working at Theodore Alexander HCM, Ltd. as a Senior Manager of Recruitment & Training & Development  and  being a trainer for  ICMC (Internal Catholic Migration Commission), Bao Minh CMG (Vietnam – Australia), CTC (Consulting & Training Corporation)

MPDF (Mekong Private Sector Development Facilities), program of IFC, World Bank , now he is sharing his knowledge and expertise at Van Lang University as a full time lecturer of Business Administration Faculty.