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KIDS TALK - Public Speaking for Kids

Kids Talk is the first leading program of Youth Invest in Vietnam focusing on training Public Speaking for Kids from Kindergarten level to High School students.

Why Kids Talk?

Youth Invest aims to nurture young talent and leaders.

Presentation skills are among the most important ones in the new era. A young talent, a future young leader cannot advance in their career if they fail to master the art of communications and public speaking.

Learning to speak English in public at the early age builds the kids communication skills and confidence. This program also teaches children creative critical thinking skills to a successful life that they don’t usually study at their schools.

Kids Talk teaching approaches

Nurturing outgoing, well-organized, motivated children is the goal of Kids Talk program.

Therefore, we are the Linguistics experts from English training centers and International primary schools in cooperation with the lecturers from Toast Master International to design special programs which cover the variety of topics in Art, Math, Science, Social studies. Kids are equipped with techniques in presentations to express themselves through their speech in front of audience.

Though the approaches, they rapidly master the use of English and develop their important soft skills such as leadership, creativity, persuasiveness and organization.

Kids Talk Courses

1)            Kids Talk for Kindergarten

2)            Kids Talk for Elementary Students

3)            Pre-Public Speaking for Teenagers

How to join Kids Talk?

 Who should join Kids Talk ?

–              Kids at the age of 05 will be able start Kids Talk.

–              Kids who are shy but are shy when expressing themselves to strangers

–              Kids who need motivation towards learning English

–              Kids who wish to be successful future leaders.

 How can a child join Kids Talk?

Step 1: Parents register to meet with Youth Invest educational consultants

Step 2: Kids are tested to put to the right level of Kids Talk

Step 3: Kids are set up with an account for eBooks and software for self-practicing at home

Step 4: Kids start the program