Youth Invest provides education solutions to parents, high schools and universities to support them meet the demands from enterprises and society.

We also co-operate with enterprises to support them with staff training development.

1) Consultancy Services to Parents

2) Online audio-visual Consultancy Services to Individual College Students and Young Professionals

3) Education Consultancy to Schools & Colleges / Universities

4) Education Consultancy to Corporates 


The content to show under each headline is given below

1) Consultancy Services to Parents

In this complex and fast paced world in which we live in, we believe that you as parents would have a difficult time in monitoring your child’s progress in school.

We at YouthInvest can assure you that your child’s development from the lessons in school will be further enhanced by our Individual Consultancy Programs. The program will help guide children to the future career that would best suit their interests.

Our programs would have a more personalized approach to discover your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Through our advanced assessment system we can keep track and identify your child’s weaknesses and make the necessary suggestions. By entrusting your child to us we can assure you that we will find ways to make sure that their future is in good hands.

To register an appointment with our experts, please contact:

Youth Invest – Parent Consultancy Service: 097 9458 103 or Email:


2) Online audio-visual Consultancy Services to Individual College Students and Young Professionals

Youth Invest cooperates with “The teachers with practical experience” – who are Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, together with local and international educational experts in a variety of fields, in initiating career orientation consulting activities and conducting training courses associated with learners’ practical needs. The training courses and consultancy services will lay emphasis on vital knowledge and skills for which students and young professionals need to equip themselves in the 21st century with a view to integrating themselves into professional working environments not only in Vietnam, but also in other countries around the world.

As you continue to achieve our goals and ambitions in life we start to think if these would be right for us or if they could be accomplished. We at YouthInvest can further enhance the areas that need your utmost concern and develop your skills that best suit your abilities.

By using Live Skype , you can interact directly with more than 70 Human Resource Managers from different companies in Vietnam  for Career Coaching,  Career Assessment , CV writing and Trial Interviews . This HR Channelling experience provides you strengths and confidence to face the uncertainties to get ideal job that fits your capabilities.

To register an appointment with our experts, please contact :

Youth Invest – HR Consultancy Service: 090 74 65 331 or Email:


3) Education Consultancy to Schools & Colleges / Universities

Research & Development

Through training and consulting activities, Youth Invest cooperates with Vietnamese and international experts in conducting research into the solutions for educational issues in Vietnam. The fields of study include:

  • Management and leadership in education
  • Education and training associated with learners’ practical needs
  • Career orientation methods for students
  • Differences in the success of students
  • Developing Skills for students

Skills Training Programs for Students

YouthInvest can help schools and education and training providers increase the level of youth attainment and transitions. By working with a YouthInvest Partner you can engage with other organizations to:

  • Improve young people’s employability, career development and life skills
  • Create opportunities for learning beyond the ‘classroom’
  • Improve the engagement of all young people in education through to year 12 or equivalent
  • Make classroom learning more meaningful
  • Expand awareness of linkages between education and industry/business.

To register an appointment with our experts, please contact :

Youth Invest – School Consultancy Service: 090 83 633 369 or Email:


4) Education Consultancy to Corporates 

We at YouthInvest can provide you with the necessary assistance to further enhance and improve your staff performance. From our Assessment Programs we can identify the problems and support you with solutions for the company’s development.

With our panel of local and international training experts (teaching in English) who works in the fields of Executive management, Organizational development, Strategic consulting and Staff development, Youth Invest cooperates with other Enterprises in launching Corporate Training Programs. These programs are conducted in English so as to facilitate organizations’ English speaking environment and also improve your staff performance.

These are the training courses that we focus on.

  • English training for Staff & Managers
  • Public Speaking for Leaders
  • Creative Critical Thinking Skills
  • Problem – Solving Skills

To register an appointment with our team, please contact : Rodney Ramos – 090 135 1130

Youth Invest – Corporate Consultancy Service:  or Email: